What size are your wedding dresses in store?

We stock dresses from UK8-UK20. Many dresses you can alter to fit. As a general rule of thumb, you can take a bridal gown down by 2 dress size and sometimes let it out by one dress size.

What are your prices in store?

Our dresses are all priced under £1200. We do have some dresses starting at £225, but most are in the £800-£995 category. You can see a selection of the dresses we stock by browsing here
As our dresses change on a daily basis so we will have more dresses than pictured on our website.

Do I have to have an appointment to look at the dresses?

Yes. As the dresses are all on rails by our bride’s trying on area, you would not be able to browse while we have apointments going on as it would interrupt that bride’s special time. You can book your appointment online here:

How many guests can I bring?

We have a lovely comfortable sofa for your guests. This seats 3 adults. We also think that 3 guests is just perfect. If you bring too many, this usually equals too many opinions and sometimes it can feel daunting, and overwhelming and you can’t hear your own voice. Keep it a secret from everyone else – makes it so much more special on your wedding morning!

Can you store the dress for me until the wedding?

Yes! You are welcome to store your dress with our sister store, Chameleon. The cost of this is £10 per month up until your first alteration appointment with your chosen seamstress (this is usually 6-8 weeks before the wedding)

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

We advise you to wear neutral and supportive underwear to your appointment and some brides find it helpful to bring a strapless bra. Most of all we ask that you bring an open mind! Many brides have an idea of the type of dress they would like, however you should trust your Consultant. They will be able to tell you what style will suit you and identify those dresses which look inconspicuous on the hanger but fabulous on you!

Are alterations costs included in the price?

Our dress prices are for the dress only. 99% of brides need their dress tailored to their body and the most common things are hem, button up train (so you can tuck your train up for the evening of dancing), bra cups etc.. Every dress needs to be tailored to each bride meaning each dress will need a different amount of work. We don’t include alterations in the price as you will then only pay for the amount of work which needs to be done to your dress and we can price the dresses at their lowest price for you.

What’s the difference between Chameleon and The Bridal Outlet and should I come to both?

The Bridal Outlet are all samples passed over from Chameleon. All our gowns are off the peg and priced under £1200. Our service is a little more “no frills” and simple and you take your dress home that day.
Chameleon is for those brides who have time to order a new dress. These take between 3-7 months to be made. With Chameleon you get more of a luxe experience, with bubbles, popcorn, say yes gifts and merch. We also offer accessory appointments when your dress arrives with us and you get to use our in-house seamstress. With the bridal outlet, we can recommend external seamstresses but as spaces are limited with our seamstresses, we only offer these spaces to Chameleon Bride.

We would recommend using the table below to decide which bride you are. We would not recommend booking in to both, but if you really feel like you want to, we would recommend booking the Outlet first. If you find a bargain dress you love, you would need to snap it up then and there else you risk losing it to the very next bride who walks through the door. If you don’t find your dream dress at the Outlet, and you have the time and a budget of £1300+, then book in to see us at Chameleon.

How do I pay for the dress?

You can pay cash or card and it is payment in full on the day. You can take your dress home that day or choose to store it with us up until your fittings at £10 per month.